Monday, September 19, 2011

Pete the Cat

Earlier this year I won the book Pete the Cat from Mrs. Parker.  At that time, I had never heard of the then new children's book, but now it seems it is everywhere.  If you have ever listened to the song that goes along with the story, you would know why.  It is so cute and so catchy!
To begin, I think the most popular thing out there is this Pete the Cat unit from Deanna Jump
Can you see why?  You can purchase this entire 70 page download on Mrs. Jump's TpT for just $6.00!

After reading the story to your class, you will need to create a classbook to go along with it, so try this download from Finally in First.
Or from Made For 1st Grade, this classbook:
Mrs. Parker created these darling Pete the Cat puppets using blue paper sacks found at Target.
and her bulletin board idea using Pete the Cat...oh my!
Making Learning Fun has TONS of great printables for the book, including a dot to dot, coloring pages, reader book, math activities and more...

Kindergarten Crayons has SO MANY Pete the Cat printables/downloads, including this great little printable book...
This cut and glue in the right order sentence and draw your own picture and I call myself a  teacher?  {Nice sentence!  LOL}
(Kindergarten Crayons)
I love this idea of using shapes to create a Pete the Cat.
I also love this pocket chart center idea.  Click HERE to get your own for FREE!
The following ideas were found on Pinterest, so I am not sure where they originate from since the link takes you straight to Scribd.  If you know, please let me know so that I may give credit where it's due.  Anyway...this Pete the Cat school tour idea would be so fun if you used this at the beginning of the year to familiarize your students with the school.  Also, a great color book HERE...I can see it's from Kinderpond, but couldn't find the original post to link to.

Want to have a Pete the Cat classroom mascot?  Head over to Erika Bohrer's First Grade to see how.

From Cecelia Magro, here is a FREE 1st grade math journal download from TpT.

If you are a primary elementary teacher, or a mother of a young child, then this Pete the Cat idea is for you!  Peace, Love and Learning created this FREE unit which motivates your child to want to learn how to tie their shoes so they can join "Pete's Shoe Tying Club".  You have to check it out!
OK and finally, if you are into totally ridiculous birthday parties for your children, you have to read about this Pete the Cat birthday, where "Mr. Eric" (the author himself) was a guest!  You can read more about that at Made During Nap Time.


S. Parker said...

Thanks for the shout out! Check out my blog. I hope to post pictures of our Pete the Cat puppets my kinders made last week. :)

Jenn Bates said...

Thanks so much for the mention!
Finally in First

Donna said...

You're the winner of my "Life is Good" Giveaway. Pop over and see how to get your prize - a custom classroom sign! Congrats!

Peace, Love & Learning

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