Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School Gifts

I'm sorry for my long leave of absence.  School has started back up for my children, which means back to routine and figuring out life again after a kick-back summer.  On top of that, I have returned to work teaching 1st grade full time.  I forgot just how busy and tired I feel by the end of the day!  I hope you will be patient as I gradually add ideas and update this blog.  Recently, on Studio 5, there was a segment that featured some clever and darling back to school gifts. 
These gifts could be given to your child's teacher or some may even work to surprise your child.  Check out the link for other cute ideas, but I LOVE the one I have pictured.  I think it would be so cute to do something with it for Teacher Appreciation Week! 


Amy K said...

These are adorable! TFS.
Best wishes on your return to full-time teaching. I admire all you teachers do for/share with our children.

stephanie said...

Thanks for the cute rolo/pencil treat idea. I like to have a fun/unique treat for my kids when they come home from school the first day and I am excited to make these! I might put the giant smarties inside instead of the rolos...