Sunday, April 18, 2010

Earth Day Ideas

I recently got an e-mail from someone asking for some Earth Day ideas.  For those of you that don't know, Earth Day is April 22.  How do I remember you ask?  It happens to also be my hubby's birthday! :)  Here are some ideas I have come across...
Letter of the Week - Earth Day (E) from No Time For Flash Cards

Earth Day Muffins from No Time for Flash Cards

Earth Day poems from Classroom Jr.

Butterfly Feet

Construction paper
paint (any color)
black pen

Paint the bottom of the child's feet. Make imprints of each foot with the big toe facing outward and the outer edge of the feet touching each other. You will notice the results looks like a butterfly. It helps to clean one foot before you paint the other. 

Ocean Cups With A Twist

blue jello mix
gummy fish
crushed graham crackers
Teddy Grahams
gummy Lifesavers
Sea creature crackers
paper umbrellas
clear plastic cups

This is the blue jello ocean cups with a little twist. Mix the jello according to the package. Pour the jello in clear plastic cups and add in gummy fish (you may want to wait until the jello starts to firm up a little so the fish don't all sink to the bottom). Let the jello set in your refrigerator. Once set, take finely crushed graham crackers and sprinkle along one side (on the top) of the jello cup to resemble a beach. Next take a Teddy Graham and insert half way in a gummy lifesavers. You may want to pre-stretch the lifesaver so the bear will fit in easily. Then, stick the feet of the bear in the jello. This should look like a bear with a float around it's waist floating in the water. Then, add a bear to the sandy area with a few starfish crackers. Last, insert the umbrella at an angle in the beach area.


Rice Crispie Earth
rice crispy type cereal

marshmallow cream
butter or margarine
pizza pan
food coloring
small container
new children's paint brushes
plastic baggies

Prepare a rice crispy treat mixture by combining rice crispy cereal, butter or margarine and marshmallow cream according to the recipe on the box of the cereal. While the mixture is cooling have the children place baggies on their hands and coat the baggies with margarine. Now that the mixture is cool enough to handle have the children press the mixture onto a foiled covered pizza pan. Mix food coloring and water into a small container. One container with blue color and the other with green. Have the children "paint" the ocean blue and the land green. When the earth is complete cut and eat.

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