Monday, January 4, 2010

Some Random Ideas

Can you believe it? I have already started to see Valentine ideas floating around the internet and the decorations up in the stores! It seems too soon to be focusing on Valentine's already (especially since my Christmas tree just barely came down), so I will be collecting ideas, but not sharing them for a couple more weeks. For now, I am going to take a break from the holiday posts and share some other ideas I have been hanging on to. My thoughts might be random, but I have to get these things posted...

My kids started back to school today, so the homework is sure to follow! Here is a site with at least 25 ways to practice your spelling words in a fun, new way!

Since it is a new year, this is the time for setting new goals (and hopefully keep them!) If you would like a way to get conversation going around the dinner table, try out these conversation pebbles from I am a craft addict.

I love these pretend checks from 733! These could be used for play time (dress ups, etc.) or as a tool for math homework.

Oh and one more random thought for the day. Check out these weather magnets you could make for your kids (from it's a daisy day). Perfect for preschool/kindergarten age kids who learn about the weather!

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