Sunday, November 15, 2009

Backpack Made From Uno Cards

Ok so this may be more a purse or messenger bag, but my (10 year old) daughter is SUPER EXCITED to use this for school tomorrow. I saw this idea a while back on Studio 5 and FINALLY got around to making one. It took about an hour to complete and my daughter is THRILLED! Now my son wants to know if I can make him a backpack out of baseball cards.

What does it take to make this bag? Get your pen and paper ready for this long list...
A pack of Uno cards
Clear Packing Tape
Magnets (optional)

You can probably make 2-3 bags from a pack of cards. In fact, I bought my Uno cards from the DI (a local thrift store) for $1. Some of the cards could have been missing from the pack but for this project, it didn't matter! All in all, I spent less than$2.00 on this bag and the best part's an original! After the first picture (above), I decided it needed a flap. Here is the newer version of the bag:
(Magnetic closure)

Oh and if some of you are wondering if this bag can really hold anything..the answer is yes! All of my daughter's (5th grade) books, papers, etc. are already loaded and have been tested!


Crazy Little Chipmunk & 3 Sweethearts said...

I love your uno bag! I was wondering if I could the instructions on how to make it?

Room Mom 101 said...

Not sure if you wanted to POST or GET the instructions for the bag. Either way...yes. As far as instructions, all I did was lay the cards out on the kitchen table the way that I wanted it to look. (3x4 grid, but could be altered to your liking) Then I taped the cards together (on both sides for more support). To be honest I made it up as I went. I used 9 cards for the handle. Hope this helps!?!

Kate and Crew said...

Ohhhhhh I've gotta make one of these out of Pokemon cards for my boys! Thanks for the ideas! I've been reading your blog quite a bit recently but haven't left a comment before. Thought I'd say hi and thanks for all the great ideas. I just became the room mom for my oldest son's kindergarten class and I have NO earthly idea what I'm doing or what is expected of me. The previous room mom quit so I just got the position and obviously wasn't there for the meeting to learn what to do. Your site is my #1 go-to site right now!!! Thanks! I'm on the hunt for some christmas room mom ideas too if you've got any of those.

Jessica Morris said...

I have enjoyed your blog and just wanted to comment on this craft in particular as it's SO cute!! I love this idea! We have a set of Rook cards that, thanks to the 2 year old, is missing a few cards. I might just convert the rest of the deck to a bag as a gift for someone on my list this year! Thanks :)